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The Challenges of Summer and How You Can Help

child spraying hose water

Summer is why we live here! The warm weather and low humidity makes our valley one of the most pleasant places in the country to live or visit​. ​Water providers throughout the west however are challenged with a significant increase in water use for  irrigation and general use during the summer months. While some of our newer neighborhoods have access to raw water for irrigation, many early developments do not.  We have to produce more water to provide for the anticipated usage.

Mid Valley Metro has great water sources with 6 major producing wells throughout the valley floor. However with water being a precious commodity throughout the west, we have a responsibility to conserve.

How you can help:

  • Please ensure your irrigation system is programmed to run at night so the water has the ability to percolate into the soil instead of evaporating in the heat of the day.  
  • Check for leaks in your irrigation system mainlines. Leaky valves are common after hard winters! You can check by turning off all domestic water use in your home and flashing a flashlight on your water meter - Two numbers will display on your meter - One is the total amount of water used - The second is the rate of water use. When all domestic water use is off, there should be a rate of "0.00". If you show a number above zero, you have a leak.
  • ​Do not overwater zones. Check to make sure the length of you zones allows for the water to be absorbed and does not run off!
  • ​If you notice a neighbors sprinkler system having a leak or going off at weird time, let them know. We have found many times homeowners are not familiar with their irrigation clocks or may not be home when it goes off! Let them know if you see a problem. ​

​​These are just a few items to help us preserve our precious commodity. Your assistance is appreciated!